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Autism Resources

Whether you're on your own diagnosis journey or learning more about Autism to understand your family or friends better (that's awesome BTW), Arizona Autism provides several links to resources we've identified to help others. This information includes links and literature regarding legal, educational, medical, and support resources for people with Autism.

We're aware of the support and educational gap for Autistic adults, we're working to establish infrastructure to bolster local efforts for awareness and support for our Autistic neighbors and friends. If you are working in this support gap as a professional please reach out to us so we can add you to a very exclusive list of amazing people.

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Every Autistic person is different, here are some common similarities, signs, and science we have on the subject of Pediatric Autism. 

Activities & Sports

Being active in sports and other activities is important for growing bodies as well as social development. Check out these awesome links for activities that include special kiddos!

Social Groups & Skills

Spending time with people who share your experience can be so valuable. If you have a group that meets up regularly and you're looking for more members let us know, we could add you to this page.

Talk to a Doc

Finding a doctor for a Pediatric Autism diagnosis for your little one can be overwhelming, here are some places to get started on your search. Who cares about older adults tho amirite? We do! We've included offices you can refer to for more information about seeking an adult autism diagnosis.


This is more or less a list of insurances that we accept for our therapy and HCBS services, but these same insurance companies work with our families.

Advocacy & Legal

Here are a few legal resources you can take a look at to get started.

Autism Links

The links on this page will direct you to private organizations and functions that seek to aid children and families with developmental disorders. 

Crisis Resources

Are you concerned about someone’s mental health or substance use, including your own? This page has phone numbers you can call now to speak to someone.

Education & Schools

Learn all about the education services for children with Autism in Arizona.

Content, businesses, professionals, information, and outbound links on this page are NOT an endorsement from Arizona Autism, these items are identified here among others as an evolving list of available resources that we believe our members and their families will return to reference frequently. The links on our pages update constantly both internally and externally, so if something doesn't appear to be working or if you find faults in our content, please let us know. If you believe you have a link that you think should be on this page, please let us know by filling out the form on the Contact Us page.

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