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HR & Onboarding


So you wanna #Work4theBear? THAT'S GREAT! We're happy to have you as a valued member of our powerful team of Busy Bees. We're passionate about helping special needs clients and families all over the place but first we need to get some important things together to make this dream come alive.

Follow the steps in the phases on this page and stay in close contact with your HR Coordinator during this process to get to work as quickly as possible. This is a team effort and your active involvement will help us guide you through this process much more quickly.

IMPORTANT - We are as invested in you during this process as you will allow us to be with your responsiveness and execution with the Phases below.

Phase 1


Complete DocuSign Email Items & Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card Appointment

During Phase 1 you will be receiving an additional email from DocuSign titled New Hire Documents. Please make sure to check your junk or spam folders if you are unable to locate it in your email inbox.

DocuSign Email from Arizona Autism HR/Recruiter

Please review, sign/complete, and turn in all of the documents in the DOCUSIGN email.

  • Tax Information

  • Application

  • Direct Service Position

  • Form I9 (e-Verify)

  • Handbook Acknowledgement

  • Harassment Policies

  • Mandated Reporting

  • HIPAA Compliance & Security

  • Emergency Procedures/Preparedness

  • Prohibited Practices

Make sure to note:


Under the “REFERENCES” section to include three (3) references: two (2) professional references and one (1) personal reference (Please DO NOT include your relatives).


  1. Professional references: Someone you have worked for and/or received payment from for employment (ie. Owner, Boss, Employer, Supervisor, Leader, etc.)

  2. Personal reference: Someone you have worked with and/or who knows you well (ie. Friend, Co-Worker, etc.—again, NOT a relative)


** Take your time filling out each form and be sure to answer each question as accurately and as completely as possible. Please note that if you make accidental errors you may have to begin this process over again.

Work Authorization Documents


Click here for examples of acceptable forms of identification.

  1. Please identify two (2) forms of acceptable personal identification.

  2. Again, please email your documents to following the format shown at the top of this page.


Fingerprint Clearance Card

If you DO NOT already have a Fingerprint Clearance Card we can help you obtain one. Please follow the instructions below to get this process started.

  1. Visit AZ DPS Applicant Processing Services

  2. Click on the "REGISTER" option


  4. Click on the "NEW APPLICATION" button on the Clearance Card Prints window.

  5. Read and Accept the "Privacy Act Statement" by checking the box, select continue.

  6. Select the Reason(s) you are applying for a Fingerprint Clearance Card:

    • DES-DDD/HCBS – Home & Community Based Services – ARS 36-594.01

    • NOTE: The card itself is yours to keep and will cost YOU $75.25.


  8. Once you proceed, it will have you input your credit card information, personal information and what company you are needing the card for.

  9. Use the following addresses to complete the required information about your employer:

    • Phoenix Location: 21045 North 9th Place | Suite 204 | Phoenix, AZ | 85024

    • Gilbert Location: 610 North Gilbert Road | Suite 104 | Gilbert, AZ | 85234

    • Tucson Location: 6810 East Broadway Boulevard | Suite 102 | Tucson, AZ | 85710​

  10. After filling our the form, select your location, visit the closest location to you to have your fingerprints rolled.

  11. Contact your Arizona Autism HR coordinator, let them know your status so they can check on you VALID Fingerprint Clearance Card.


Phase 2

Notary Documentation and Driver Information


During Phase 2 we will be gathering documentation that will need to be notarized, you can get documents notarized at the following locations: Arizona Autism offices, Banks (Schedule an Appointment), UPS*, USPS*, Grocery Stores**.

*May incur a small fee per page.

** May incur a small fee per page, some grocery stores will not have a notary.

Self Service Forms (Notary Items)

  • NOTARY: Criminal History Self Disclosure Affidavit

  • NOTARY: Attestation of Adult Protective Services (APS) Form

    1. Please note that with items (m.) and (n.) above you will need to WAIT to fill out and sign these forms out until you are physically in front of a notary. At this time, we have found that banks are perhaps the best place to get these done, and, if it is where you bank anyway, oftentimes they will do it for free. Please contact your bank for further information.

    2. Also, please be sure to mark each box on these two forms individually.


  • Non-Driver Waiver Form via DocuSign email from HR Coordinators.


  • Driver Verification Info below (supplied by you)

    • Current Insurance ID Card

    • Current Vehicle Registration

    • Motor Vehicle Record

      • 39 Month Motor Vehicle Record – there is a $3 fee to obtain this record

    • Vehicle Inspection

      1. Call to schedule a vehicle inspection with your HR Coordinator

      2. Vehicle inspections take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

  • Drivers must obtain a First Aid Kit and a Fire Extinguisher​​ to keep in the vehicle.

    • You may purchase these items from our offices

      • First Aid Kit $5​

      • Fire Extinguisher $5 

    • We can also inspect existing safety items purchased elsewhere.


Phase 3

Completing Essential Training


After everything from Phase 1 and Phase 2 is completed and turned in, our HR Department will help you get signed up for the following training classes (if you don’t already have these certifications):

  • CPR Training

  • First Aid Training

  • Article 9 Training


That’s it! Once your file is complete and you are ready to start, you will be passed on to our coordinating team, begin family interviews, get paired with a family or families, and begin providing!

Welcome to the Arizona Autism Family!
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