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Our credentialed pediatric therapy specialists help children with autism develop the self-help skills they need for daily living activities, with one mission in mind: to help children with autism achieve independence.

All our pediatric care therapists are fully licensed in Arizona and undergo a thorough background check before they can #Work4TheBear. We also require that every pediatric care therapists we employ have up-to-date continuing education so they are aptly trained to work with the full spectrum of pediatric autism.

Arizona Autism services are full spectrum. Meaning, your child will not only get the immediate attention they require, but they will also receive the development of fine motor skills, self-help skills, self-care skills, communication skills, coordination and balance, socialization skills, sensory integration, and attention and problem solving skills needed for every stage of their life. We also offer in-home pediatric care for families, so hard working parents and guardians get much-needed breaks as often as they need them.

Our Pediatric Therapy Services​


Valley families are in need and Arizona Autism is always hiring great people to fill this void. Get your career started right away when you #Work4theBear!
We need therapists, caregivers, providers, and office staff… y’know, people like you! So what are you waiting for? Click below to get that MONEY, HONEY!

We're ALWAYS Hiring

🤓 The team @ ARIZONA AUTISM is Awesome! If you need anything they respond quickly. They are very kind, compassionate and professional. I highly recommend ARIZONA AUTISM.

David B - June 14, 2021

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