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We do! We finally got a whole bunch of stickers to put on cars. We want to raise awareness for Autibears all over the valley: kids, teens, adults, parents, caregivers, providers, partners, friends, allies, ANYONE who wants to show their support for a loved one on the spectrum or with special needs.


HEY! You can even get some cool freebies and discounts from our local business partners if you've got an Official Autibear on your car.

Check out these BEAR'd UP rides!

About the Autibear Stickers

Arizona Autism's employees, clients, friends, and families get BEAR'd UP when they come online with us! Do you love someone on the spectrum? Show your support with an Autibear sticker! Looking for an Autibear sticker of your own?  Call or stop by one of our offices to see if you qualify and we'll get you BEAR'D UP!