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Provider and client working together with a sensory swing.

Home & Community Based Services

Arizona Autism also offers in-home pediatric care for families, so hard working parents and guardians get much-needed breaks when they need them. ​All our pediatric care therapists are fully licensed in Arizona and undergo a thorough background check before they can #Work4TheBear.

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A child’s independence & sense of self matters.

Habilitation services prepare children with autism to live more independently in their communities through learning and developing new skills, abilities, and behaviors. Common areas of training include self-care and hygiene, communication, socialization, safety, physical and emotional expression, pre-vocational skills, leisure activities, problem solving, and household management.

With habilitation services, children with autism learn social skills and, when possible, the skills for living independently. Habilitation service providers help foster community inclusion, relationships, self-advocacy, and informed choice by working one-on-one with each client based on the goals and desired outcomes set forth by the individual parent or the child’s pediatric therapy team. Parents and guardians can be trained to provide Habilitation to their adult children.

Some habilitation services may include job placement support so that adult children with autism are active within their community while earning their own income. Both of which will create a greater level of self-knowing and satisfaction in life.

Habilitation Provider matching shapes with her client.
Respite Care Provider pushing his client on the swing in the backyard.

Respite Care

Time away from your child is necessary, healthy and supported.

Parenting is a full-time 24/7 job, and incredibly demanding when raising a child with autism. Our in-home pediatric caregivers give families the much-needed break they deserve. Respite care provides family caregivers, parents and guardians as an example, a break when they need it.

Our respite program is specifically designed to let parents and guardians to relax, take a break, and put themselves first for a while, knowing a knowledgeable and trained staff member is seeing to their child’s needs and comfort.

We can also train and certify relatives and family friends to become respite providers for you.


Attendant Care

It takes courage to ask for help.

Raising a child with autism is the biggest commitment a parent will make. Many children and young adults with special needs require assistance with daily living activities and everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing, eating, going to the bathroom, and making meals.

At Arizona Autism, you can get the attendant care you need that fits your schedule and best supports your child.

Attendant Care Provider and his client playing safe on the playground.
Respite Care
Attendant Care

We're ALWAYS Hiring

Valley families are in need and Arizona Autism is always hiring great people to fill this void. Get your career started right away when you #Work4theBear!


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